Cogitations 207

There is one who proudly comes in the name of the devil who brings Hell, but in terms of a destructive force, he is far less than the one who comes in the name of God and leads others there.

Truth is always true?
A deception compiled of truths is not necessarily true, being that it is incomplete; for truth is the sum of all factors.

True riches
All you can really take with you is not what you gather, but what you have given away.

The Elect
In this world the population votes for who will be “god”; in the world to come, God votes for who will be the population.


Cogitations 206

All of creation is a sermon of God.

In the congregation of the selfish, everyone is alone.

The means is the end
Embracing a lessor of two evils is making a down payment and procuring destruction on an installment plan.

Evil seeds
Where words long sojourn, actions eventually follow.

Good slavery
If your destiny is to be a prisoner, pray you are captured by the truth.

The greatest lies are facts, just not all of them.

Cogitations 205

Sowing & reaping
Natural consequences are a law enforcement agency of God.

Sometimes “proving” depends more upon the recipient than the evidence.

Winning a defeat
The sacrifice of morality to embrace evil in order to defeat another evil ensures a victory for evil.

Moral courage
Faith is to always do what is right, not always knowing where it will take you, but doing so because you know who you want to be when you get there.

There is only one way to lose a moral battle; it is called surrender.

Hindsight & blindsight
As time turned them into history, many “wise” became fools, and “fools” wise.

Cogitations 204

Where no morsel is the trap is empty.

Truth happens.

A society with vices is not destroyed by its vices in contempt, but by its vices normalized.

Ruler of the soul
Where faith falters, fear resides and pragmatism becomes the king.

A little leaven
One sin is the door to all others.

Modern “education”
Why pay for college when you can be stupid for free?

Cogitations 203

The lion in pursuit is fixated not on the leaders of the herd which are strong, but those lagging behind; so it is with those men who devour others to fill themselves. Weakness is an invitation.

Root of Destitution
Selfishness is a robber, which though it heartlessly deprives others, also robs those who harbor it of any goodness they may have found in sacrifice.

Following Dreams
Dreams that are void of reality possess not virtue. They will rob you of truth even when they are realized. Even in cases where such dreams are achieved, they are not reality, but they remain dreams until they are disrupted by reality.

Evidence of God
Creation is proof of God. But it is proof that we cannot prove, it can only be known by faith. However, faith that is true is knowledge. Faith that is true has the same virtue, and in some instances more virtue than those things that are believed because they are undeniably evident. True faith is knowledge of God.

Cogitations 202

Absent honesty, true intelligence does not exist.

To deliver another is to rescue yourself.

Hunger is a good chef.

Two Edged Sword
Beware of solutions, they often pose more dangers than problems.

Lex Rex
The purpose of good law is greater than the law itself, and is indeed the true law.

The enemy who tells much of the truth is of greater danger than the enemy who consistently lies.

Cogitations 201

Willingly ignorant
The chains of ignorance the fool cannot break, but the would be intellectual makes them even stronger.

Though the truth be lost in a sea of lies, it cries above them all to come out.

Both he who is ever angry, and he who is never angry, are together fools.

A true faith is knowledge and possesses the same virtues and more.

fellow travelers
Reason never travels alone; it is always accompanied by an ideology; and the redeeming virtue of good reasoning is faith.